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Chorus is the domotic system that offers cutting-edge solutions for intelligent management and control of homes and buildings.



Maximum synergy and integration between modular and moulded-case devices, boards, distribution boards, enclosures etc



Enclosures, distribution boards, junction boxes, special containers and industrial connection devices are at the heart of the Gewiss product offering.



We put the spotlight on lighting quality, creating lighting systems designed for all spaces and environments.

Investing in our future starts today.

GEWISS presents the new range of Wallboxes characterized by small dimensions and sophisticated design,
for private and semi-public contexts.



Smart[PRO] 2.0 has been reinvented and is now smarter than ever. The line of medium and high-power LED floodlight for sports lighting extends the range with a new 3X2M version and totally renews the performance, to offer higher efficiencies and better light quality.



I-ON (floor-mounting) and I-ON Wall (surface-mounting) charging stations are the JOINON solutions for public and semi-public access, designed to withstand all need in terms of: impacts, stress, vandalism and and atmospheric agents. First and unique on the market able to guaranteed IP55 degree of protection. The special hexagonal design allows the units to be adapted in any urban context and to any parking configuration with a targeted study on the User Experience for the Driver.


70 RT HP Range Rotary isolator

Range of charging socket Type2 for electric vehicles in compliance with international standard IEC 62196-1 e IEC 62196-2 and suitable for EV charging units as required by standard IEC 61851. The range includes mobile connect Type2 with and withot attached cable, and flushmounting Socket type2 equipped with security shutters (IPXXD protection), double drain system for water, vandal-proof mechanism and by a locking actuator that has the double aim to block gate-valves and to lock the plug during the charging session.